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Agogo, Ghana

Agogo is a small town located in the Ashanti region in the central part of Ghana. The name of the city was originally derived from the name of a multiple bell used in samba baterias. Much of the economy from the region is dependent on cocoa as well as the gold-mining industry. A place that has gained a lot of renomation is the Agogo Hospital which falls under the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. It has been conducting research on the growth and survival rate of low weight babies in the country of Ghana.




Current Projects:

The Honey Project

In collaboration with the Honey Project organization and our Country Chair for Ghana, Becky Wright, Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International is participating a very important international economic and sustainable development project that produces young social entrepreneurs working to alleviate poverty in Ghana. The mission is simple: train, inspire and empower young people to impact the world through social enterprise.

In 2009, The Honey Project partnered with our Sister City, Agogo, Ghana, One Village Planet and Citrix to organize a trip to Agogo where 6 high school students, trained to become Independent Partner Agents, learned about harvesting honey and how to create their own micro-enterprise. The honey from Ghana was then sold in the United Stated by these students as a fundraising effort to alleviate poverty in the rural communities of Ghana. 

In 2010, Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities received the Sister National 2010 Sustainable Development: Youth and Innovation Award (pop.100,001-300,000) for the Honey Project in Ghana at the Annual Conference in Arlington, Virginia.

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The Honey Project Team


The Honey Project Students with Chief Nana Sarpong (left)


Harvesting Honey

The TeleMed Project

The GFLSCI Tele-Med Program is a medical cyber-outreach project designed to provide medical assistance to sister cities via videoconference technology systems. The project will be led by the GFLSCI Medical and Technology Committees and will be performed in collaboration with the Agogo, Ghana Committee partners such as the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital and the Agogo Nursing College and with the support of Honorable Nana Akuoko Sarpong, Paramount Chief of the Agogo Traditional Area, Ashanti, Ghana.

Tele-Med will host a cyber-clinic for villagers in the Agogo area. The target group will be rural villagers without medical insurance and in need of basic health screenings. TeleMed will enlist the assistance of the farmers in the Agogo Farmers Cooperative to identify families that qualify for the free screening. The first cyber-clinic will be held at the ICT center located in the center of the Village of Agogo.

The Tele-Med Team is looking forward to launching this project.  It will be very beneficial to the communities of our Sister City, Agogo, Ghana.  GFLSCI is looking forward to partnering with our other sister cities to expand this project on a global scale.

If you have any questions about the Tele-Med Project, please click here to send us an email.

Environmental Projects and the IT Center

Our Environemental Committee led by Dan Warren and Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International has initiated several wonderful projects in Agogo. Ghana. These projects have been supported by Citrix and One Village Planet. In, 2008, Citrix has been awarded a major award by MicroSoft in recognition for their efforts in Agogo Ghana. Chief Nana Akuoko Sarpong ,  Citrix and its partnership with Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities will be recognized. All of us in Fort Lauderdale have taken great pride in this award.

We can proudly report that the projects initiated by Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities in Agogo, Ghana continue to have a great impact in the community:

  1. The IT center is operating daily with increased local business and school participation.
  2. The Honey Project is increasing production and membership.
  3. The Fish farm achieved its first harvest and an additional pond was constructed.
  4. The tree seedling nursery was expanded.
  5. A water management project began with the construction of two dams to retain water for the coming dry season.

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Dam Construction in Agogo, Ghana led by Dan Warren, GFLSCI Environmental Chair and Founder of One Village Planet 

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Doing Business in Ghana Event (2008)

Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International held a special seminar on April 16, 2008 at the African American Research Library to promote business opportunities entitled "Doing Business in Ghana and West Africa". The seminar focused on the current economic opportunities and trends in Ghana and other West African countries. Present were economic experts who are working on increasing economic ties between Florida and Ghana as well as South Florida companies who are currently doing business in Ghana. Speakers included  the President Ghanaian Association of South Florida, Bob Anderson, Tony Okonmah with the Democracy in Africa Foundation, Bryant Salter from Enterprise Florida, Inc., Deborah Wilkinson representing Broward County Office of Economic Development, and Nathan Burrell with The Honey Project.

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