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Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast City is located in the South-east corner of Queensland, Australia. Second most populous city in the state and the seventh most populous city in the country, this city is renowned for its sunny subtropical climate, world-class beaches, waterfront properties, wide array of tourist attractions and long, high-rise-dominated skyline.
Main industry sectors contributing to the regional gross domestic product included property services, construction, retail trade, business services, transport, tourism (accommodation, cafes and restaurants), finance & insurance, health services, education, wholesale trade and entertainment. Tourism is Gold Coast City's main industry. Major tourist attractions include internationally renowned surf beaches, World Heritage listed hinterland national parks, and theme parks.

Sister Cities of Gold Coast:

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Noumea, New Caledonia island territory






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Taipei, and Tainan

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United StatesUnited States of America

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


2011 SubTropical Conference


Message from our President:

It was a great pleasure to meet so many of our friends from Gold Coast and  all the delegates from Queensland and surrounding cities at the Sub Tropical Conference Reception.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Danny O'Hare, Bond Universty,John Doolan, Peter Richards and so many others who are participating in this conference. My only regret is I did not bring my camera.
Mayor Jack Seiler, Fort Lauderdale and Mayor Sue Gunzurger, Broward County, welcomed all the visitors from around the world with a special welcome to all of our Australian visitors. We all enjoyed meeting with Australian Consul General Duncan Cole and Austrade Director Carlos Munoz who are extremely supportive of the Gold Coast/Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities relationship and encourage our collaborations on all levels.
I will  participate in the conference and meet our guests during their visit and extend to all the warm greetings from  all of our Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities Board Members and all of the city officials.
Marianne Winfield
Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities