Humanitarian: Supply emergency disaster relief, medical supplies, wheelchairs and other aid to people in need in our Sister Cities or their neighbors in times of crisis.

  • Sustainable Development Programs: Established the first Cyber Sister City in the Sister Cities International Network between Fort Lauderdale and Agogo, Ghana- a pilot program of Citrix Systems` and Sister Cities Internationals` Network for sustainable development`s joint venture to bridge the "digital divide".
  • Village-Planet: Environmental protection education and training for women and children in Labadie, Haiti. Produced, transplanted and/or distributed 10,000 fruit trees. More than 200 women and children received practical training in Nursery and environmental protection.
  • Wheelchairs for Peace Program: (Joint venture between The Wheelchair Foundation and Sister Cities International) Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International continues to be the most active participant of this program sending containers of wheelchairs to our Sister Cities in need