A city in Taiwan, Republic of China with abundant natural landscapes, resources, and a pleasant climate.

Kaohsiung is located in southwest Taiwan. Central Mountains, Jade Mountains, and Ali Mountains are to the northeast; Jia-Nan Plain is north, Taiwan Strait is west; while Kao Ping River and Pingtung County are southeast of Kaohsiung. Its terrain extends from the northeast to the southwest. Eastern mountains are as high as 3,000 meters, while the western part descends into hills, and into plains where the elevation is less than ten meters.

As a result of the changing terrain and geology, a variety of beautiful landscapes have been created. In addition, due to its location in the area with sub-tropical climate, a complicated ecological system of animals and plants have bred, while different natural ecologies also created different tribal cultures in the city, including the cultures of Hokkien people, Hakka, Pingpu tribe, Tsou tribe, Rukai tribe, Bunun tribe, Paiwan tribe, and residential military community.

The area is 2,792.6744 square kilometers (its geographical area starts from the Shuangtou Mountain, Taoyuan Township, in the east, and to Baishalun in Cieding Township, in the west; from the south of Shanwei, Linyuan Township in the south, to the summit of Jade Mountain in the Taoyuan Township in the north); with one city, three towns, and 23 townships (a total of 27). At the end of April 2005, it had a population of 1,238,858, with 640,989 males and 597,869 females.

Due to its varied terrain, the weather changes a lot. Coastal plains and hills in the mid-elevation area enjoy a tropical climate, while mountainous areas have a temperate climate. The temperature descends from the alluvial plains in the southwest to the mountains in the northeast, forming a vertical climate. The temperature is higher in June and July each year, and lower in January and February. The annual average temperature in the city is 25 degree Celsius, whereas the annual average temperature in the mountainous areas is 12 degree Celsius, a nice and comfortable climate. The annual rainfall in 2004 was about 1,439.5 mm, and the rainfall is higher from June to September each year.

This area has been developed from very early times, and has a lot of cultural and ancient monuments. The city is located at the border of Kaohsiung metropolitan area, and is close to Kaohsiung Port. Agriculture in the city has prospered since ancient time, and until recently, industry and commerce as well as transportation developed quite rapidly. With such a variety of natural and human landscapes, it can truly be called an "abundant city".

Koahsiung, Taiwan