Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is an extremely attractive town which serves as the industrial and commercial center for the surrounding region of Antioquia; with roughly two million inhabitants, is Colombia the second largest city. The city is knows as the "City of the Eternal Spring" due to its mild climate all year long. It is widely regarded in Colombia as a clean, well-organized and economically vibrant community. Major industries include steel, textiles, confections, food and beverage, agriculture (from its rural area), public services, chemical products and medical drugs, refined oil and flower exports.. It is also the fashion capital of Colombia. Although most of the colonial architecture no longer remains, the churches in the center of town attract many visitors. The Basilica de la Candelaria is one of the most popular churches located here. Medellin is also home of over 30 universities that attracts students from the region and the Caribbean coast.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is a valley surrounded by green mountains with a river that runs thru it and whose people are characterized by their warmth, their entrepreneurship and their happiness.

Medellin is a city of transformations, which went from fear to hope, that invites you to enjoy its traditions, its tourist platform and the warmth of its people.

Many cultures add up in this city, multiple experiences converge and different social groups live together with their dreams, their achievements and their desire to inhabit a better place.


Medellin is transforming towards a modern capital with spaces for citizens integration, where education, culture and respect are evidenced as part of a new scenery which foreign and natives adopt as their own. .A place with scenery that evokes the drive of a settler's race, which with perseverance and tenacity was able to conquer the mountains and establish what today, is a growing industrial metropolis. 

Medellin has the title of the second most important city in Colombia after Bogota, its capital, and it is considered a commercial, industrial and technological development center in the country. With a denoted leadership in the area of finances, banking, politics, arts, culture, communications, fashion, and entertainment, it is achieving an important role in Latin America and becoming a center for development not only for this continent but for the world as well. It is important to highlight that this is the first city in Colombia to have an integrated transport system that runs through the city in its metropolitan area.

For all these reasons, it is the headquarters of organizations, institutions and regional, national and international companies and, for the last few years it has become a reference point for health tourism, convention tourism and sports tourism.

Among its people it is known as the City of Eternal Spring, The Silver Cup, The Mountain Capital, Botero City and Flower Capital; names that can be confirmed once you walk its streets and have contact with its people.