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In Haiti, A Man Without a Tool is a Man Without Work
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In 2008, numerous natural catastrophes struck throughout Haiti.  Hurricanes Gustav, Hannah, and Ike all flooded and practically destroyed the City of Gonaives and other towns in northern Haiti.  In addition to the lives and homes that were lost, many farmers lost their tools and crops.  The Farm Tools for Haiti Program will provide farmers and day workers in Haiti the means to regain their livelihood. Funding for this program will provide shovels, picks, hoes, axes, plows, and other hand tools to people affected by last year�s catastrophes.
In Haiti, a man with a tool is never without work.   
Our Humanitarian, Environmental and Haiti committees received a pilot project grant of $6,000 from Lay Missionaries of Delray Beach, Florida.  Funds will be used to purchase, ship, and distribute tools to local organizations identified and pre-qualified by the Sister Cities Haiti Committee in Cap Haitien.
Hosean International Ministries, a USA � HAITI mission, has offered to donate ocean transport in early March for some of the tools for this Sister Cities project
The recipient organizations in Haiti include farmers� cooperatives, food for work programs, a women�s village cleanup group, and other volunteer groups performing rural public works projects. The image below show food distribution at a �Food For Work� program in Gonaives, Haiti, the area hit hardest by last year�s hurricanes. Our committees will soon be donating tools to this program as part of the �Farm Tools For Haiti� project. The work program is organized by the Ebenezer mission in Gonaives. It employs hundreds of local people on rural public works projects and pays them with food provided by the World Food Program. The more tools the mission has, the more people they can employ. We are proud to be able to contribute to this program.

This program really needs corporate sponsorship and assistance from corporations, foundations, agencies and individuals interested in promoting grassroots sustainable economic development and empowering people living in extreme poverty. 

We also accept used hand tools locally that are in good condition. 
Look through your garage to see what you can contribute! 
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We are seeking good quality tools that will last a long time. Here is a list of tools we are looking for and their approximate costs:
Shovels  $25
Picks      $25
Hoes      $25
Wheelbarrows  $100


For more information and to see how you can help, contact our Humanitarian chair, Tony Marcelli at

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